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Born and raised in Norway, Toggo paid his musical dues in Los Angeles in a variety of rock bands, before turning the local Hollywood scene upside down with his band Scared Of Girls. Their outlandish P.R. Stunts and high energy concerts set a whole new standard for bands in Hollywood.


From the music press to their armada of fans, there seemed to be no doubt; Toggo's band was going to be the next big thing. But fate had other plans. At the brink of a national breakthrough, Toggo went missing from the world under mysterious circumstances.


8 months later he reappeared, and the bizarre experience he had undergone while missing caused him to lose just about everything he held dear - his band, house, car, money, bank accounts, and a name he had made for himself in Hollywood from years of hard work.


The only thing left when the smoke cleared was a large case of incurable optimism. The book “Rock n Roll Virus, which chronicles Toggo’s surreal 8 month experience, is currently being penned.


As a result of his experience, Toggo resurfaced in Minnesota, where he traded in his Hollywood rocker status with single dad status in suburbia, USA. He spent the next 10 years raising his son.


Now more determined than ever, Toggo revamped his sound, created an internet marketing company from the ground up to fund himself, and threw himself head-first into creating new music. His EDM-flavored danceable hard rock style caught Norwegian production company Deepfrost’s attention, and they immediately signed Toggo to a production deal.


The result of that collaboration is the video and single "Cannonball", as well as the  EP “Ultrarock”, which the press has dubbed "EDM Rock".

In the summer of 2019, thanks to building a six figure marketing empire, Toggo and his 12 year old son moved back to Los Angeles to put full focus on his musical career.

Toggo's latest single, 'Creepy Wonderwall' is a dark/dreamy/symphonic take on the classic song by Oasis.

From his gotta-sing-along hooks and choruses to his hang-on-to-your- seat stage persona and colorful looks, Toggo Ultrarock delivers a refreshing punch to one’s musical senses that is rare to find today. And he is crystal clear about his goal: To leave the world irrecoverably inspired by his music and persona.

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